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SG Whey-to-Go Tinuviel 2*M


A winning combination of Dairy Strength and a beautiful Productive udder – just what we were looking for from this breeding.  Tinuviel looks a great deal like her dam (Titania LA 92 EEEE) at that age – but with more width and strength.   She proved our confidence in her at appraisal, scoring Excellent LA 90 VEEE as a 2 year old!     She is also milking well, currently posting 3310 lbs/milk and 122 lbs/butterfat.    While she has matured a lot this winter and we are looking forward to taking this impressive doe back into the show ring, what we really appreciate is her cheerful consistency in the milk room…and at the hay feeder!

1X GCH,  2X 1st ,  7X 2nd 


DOB:     February 5, 2014                                                                American

Sire:       +*B Whey-to-Go Cisco Ali Baba LA 92 EEE  

SS:          +B Old English The Cisco Kid

SD:         GCH Whey-to-Go Scherazade 1*M FS 92 EEEE                                                                                                                  

Dam:      SGCH Wild Garden Warlord Titania 1*M FS 92 EEEE  Top Ten 06'

DS:     +B SG PJ's Mountain-View War Lord

DD:     Wild Garden Eyanni Chardonnay

LA 90  VEEE  (2 year old score)

LA  86 +VVE  (yearling score)


Ali Baba Get-of- Sire. 

L to R: Tinuviel, Mistral, Morgiana, Nenya! 

       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com