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SGCH Whey-to-Go Tamika 3*M


Tamika is such a beautiful doe – balanced and elegant, with a great rear leg set and a gorgeous productive mammary.  Her udder is high and wide, scoring 39 for rear udder height and rear udder arch.  She easily walks around this very pretty udder, which garnered her Best Udder of Breed this year, as well as Best Doe in Show .  She scored Excellent at Linear Appraisal as well, with a strong LA 91 EEEE, including an E in back and rump.  Incredibly easy to hand milk and a great attitude, Tamika is a big favorite in the milk room.

More than just a pretty face, Tamika also throws lovely kids, including Whey-to-Go Tuppence, who was 2X GCH and 1X RGCH as a Junior yearling.  We are happily using her son, Whey-to-Go Tommy - who is tall, long, and handsome - and producing very nice kids in his own right.

3X GCH, 2X RGCH, 3X Best Udder, 3X Best of Breed,  1X Best Doe in Show                         

Part of Best Dairy Herd in Show, 1st  place Produce of Dam, Yearling All-American

DOB:  March 7, 2013                                                                            American


Sire:    +*B SG Companeros Clinton Xavier 

SS:      ++*B Old-English Clinton(sire of 2011 National & Reserve National CH)

SD:      SGCH Companeros Standout Calcutta 11*M LA 92 EEEE


Dam:    SGCH Whey-to-Go Tatsinda II  2*M LA 92 EEEE

DS:        +*B Two-Ceders  Nuggets Victor  LA 91 VEE

DD:       SGCH Wild Garden Warlord Titania 1*M LA 92 EEEE

LA 91 EEEE (3 year old score)

LA 90 VEEE (2 year old score)

LA 87 +VVV (yeaarling score)                                                                                   

Tally Ho! and Tamika

       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com