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GCH Whey-to-Go Scherazade *M


Another Des-Ruhigestelle Eins daughter, Scherazade is long, strong and balanced – a truly elegant doe.  She is sharp and dairy, with a beautiful front end and stands on excellent feet and legs with a strong rear leg set.   She has a lovely udder that is high and wide in the rear with a strong medial support and lovely teat placement.  She was appraised as a 5 year old and scored Excellent – FS 92 EEEE.  She went on to finish her Permanent Championship that same year.   We like her so well that we retained her son, Whey-to-Go Ali Baba as a herd sire.  We are very pleased with his 2 year old daughters,  Tinuviel, Mistral, Nenya and Morgiana – two of which scored Excellent this year and all showing well and scoring E in udder.  Ali Baba himself appraised LA 92 EEE. 

Scherazade continues to prove herself through her daughters.  Her 2 year old daughter, GCH Whey-to-Go Morgiana, finished her permanent championship at 2 years of age including Best of Breed over several Permanent Champions.  Her 2016 daughter, Whey-to-Go Zsa Zsa, earned her Jr. dry leg as well. Since appraisal was in August, we decided not to appraise Scherazade, but the appraiser convinced us to bring her out at the end…dirty and shaggy and milked that morning.  She still scored LA 92 EEE. 

3X GCH, 4X RGCH, 15X 1st,  1X 2nd,  4X Best Udder of Breed

DOB:  April 15, 2010                                              American

Sire:   +*B SG Des-Ruhigestelle Eins LA 89 VV
           SS:     +*B Briarwinds Tangier
           SD:     SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Elentara 7*M LA 91 EEEE 

Dam:  Whey-to-Go Trixie
           DS:    *B Whey-to-Go Takatan II
           DD:    The Hords Victoria 2*M  LA 91 VEVE

LA 91 EEEE (6 year old score)

FS 92 EEEE (5 years of age)

LA 86 V+VV (4 years of age)

LA 89 VEEE  (2 years of age)


       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com