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Whey-to-Go Nenya 4* M


Another beautiful Ali Baba daughter, Nenya is a balanced doe with a beautiful front end as well as excellent width and rear angulation.   She is so correct and eye catching that she garnered one GCH leg this year as a 2 year old.  She went on to score Excellent at appraisal with a very satisfying LA 90 EEEE.   Stylish with plenty of length, she has a more pleasing udder than her dam, Whey-to-Go  Amethyst FS 92 EEEE, and milks like a dream.  With a High and Wide Mammary with beautiful teat size and placement, she garnered two Best Udder of Breed awards, over several permanent champions. 

Looking forward to showing her as a 3 year old.  Her daughter, Whey-to-Go Orafina, was named National Saanen Breeders All American Junior Kid.  Shows, milks and produces quality kids – the trifecta! 

1X GCH,  2X 1st,  3X 2nd  2015 Reserve All-American Saanen Yearling Milker

DOB:  March 10, 2014                                                               American


Sire:   ++B Whey-to-Go Cisco Ali-Baba LA 92 EEE

SS:      +BOld-English The Cisco Kid

SD:     GCH Whey-to-Go Scherazade 1*M  FS 92 EEEE  


Dam:   Whey-to-Go Amethyst 3*M FS 92 EEEE

DS:     *B Des-Ruhigestelle Viking

DD:     Whey-to-Go Sapphire  2*M  LA 90 VEEE                                                                                                                                                  


LA 90 EEEE (2 year old score)

LA  Ec V Ec  Overall Extremely Correct (Young stock score)


L to R: Tamika, Nenya, Tinuviel, Tally Ho!               

       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@.com