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SG Whey-to-Go Galadriel 5*M


Galadriel exceeded all of our expectations when she freshened in June.  She has a beautifully shaped rear udder and a lovely foreudder that is very productive.  She peaked at 15.5#/milk/day and also appraised LA 88 VVVE when she was only 6 weeks fresh.  She is long and angular with excellent Dairy Strength.  She has a great deal of maturing to do, but she still showed quite well in strong competition placing 3X first.  And did we mention that we love her kids?  Her daughter, Whey-to-Go Greta Garbo, was selected Reserve All-American Junior kid, behind Whey-to-Go Orafina.   

2X RGCH,  8X 1st,   2015 All-American Junior Doe   

2015 All-American Junior Doe     


DOB :  April 12, 2014                                                                   American


Sire:   *B Tempo Passa Erendil                                                                     

SS:      +*B Vineyard View Tiber

SD:      SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Elendili  LA 92 EEEE  Top Ten 2007

Dam:  Whey-to-Go Geneva 4*M  LA 90 EVEE                                                         

DS:      +*B SG Companeros Clinton Xaver                                                                 

DD:     Whey-to-Go Galatea 3*M   LA 88 +EEE (2 year old)


LA 88 VVVE (yearling score)

       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com