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Whey-to-Go Emira 2*M

A strong balanced doe with good width and angulation.  Smooth on the move with very nice dairy strength.  She is almost identical to her sister, GCH Whey-to-Go Morgiana, with very nice General appearance, well shaped udder and strong front end assembly.  She showed very well this year and had an excellent appraisal session, scoring LA 87 VVVE.  She was also selected as National Saanen Breeders Reserve All-American Milking Yearling.  She is maturing nicely and based on both her dam, GCH Whey-to-Go Scherazade LA 92 EEEE and GCH Whey-to-Go Morgiana LA  88 VEVE, we expect even better things from her as she grows up! 


1X GCH  2X RGCH  2X 1st  2X 2nd  

2015 Reserve All-American Senior kid,

2016 Reserve All-American Yearling Milker


DOB:  January 26, 2015                                                          American


Sire:  *B Whey-to-Go Tesla                                                                                       

SS:     +*B Whey-to-Go Cisco Ali Baba L 92 EEE                                                      

SD:     SGCH Wild Garden Warlord Titania  1*M  LA 92 EEEE Top Ten 06'

Dam:   GCH Whey-to-Go Scherazade  1*M  LA 92 EEEE                         

DS:      +*B SG Des-Ruhigestelle Eins  LA 89 VVV                                                  

DD:      Whey-to-Go Trixie

LA 87 VVVE (yearling score)

LA VVV   Very Good Overall (young stock score)


       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com