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Whey-to-Go Amethyst 3*M



Amethyst is a lovely doe. Long and strong like her dam, Whey-to-Go Sapphire (LA 90 VEEE), with a more pleasing shape to her rear udder. She has very nice rear angulation and that lovely “uphill” stance we all like to see. She is a strong milker as well as being very easy to hand milk. Amethyst has matured into a very strong, very stylish doe. Scoring a 91 VEEE at Linear Appraisal in 2012, Amethyst decided to kick it up at the Spokane Interstate Fair, shining her way to her first GCH.  She then went on to improve that score to FS (Final Score) LA 91 EEEE in 2014 and then was scored FS 92 EEEE in 2015!   

We absolutely love the doe kids that she has produced, including Whey-to-Go Jack’s Jade, who was GCH Jr. doe twice in the 2 shows she was entered in 2011, and Whey-to-Go Garnet who also won her Jr. Grand Champion leg at her first show in 2012. Definitely a favored brood doe!   Amethyst’s daughter, Whey-to-Go Alabaster Stone has scored LA 91 EEVE while her younger daughter, Whey-to-Go Garnet scored LA 89 VEVV as a powerful 2 year old and 89 VVVE as a 3 year old.   Her latest edition, Whey-to-Go Nenya, scored Excellent LA 90 EEEE – as a 2 year old!  Nenya was also awarded 2015 Reserve All American Saanen Yearling.                     

1X GCH, 16X 1st, 4X 2nd         

2015 National Saanen Breeders Supreme Dam        

DOB:  4/10/08                                                                                      American

Sire:  *B Des-Ruhigestelle Viking

SS:    +*B  Des Rihigestelle Merwin (son of SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Winner, Canadian National Champion 1993, LA 91 EEEE)          

SD:    SGCH McQuitty Farm Blueberry 3*M  LA 91 EEEV


Dam:  Whey-to-Go Sapphire 2*M LA 90 VEEE                                                                                          

DS:     +*B Two Ceders Nuggets Victor   LA 91 VEE                            

DD:     Desert Air Krystal  *M


LA 90 VEEE (8 year old score)

LA 92 EEEE Final Score (7 years of age)

LA 91 EEEE   Final Score  (6 years of age)     

LA 91 VEEE   (4 years of age)                                                                             

LA  88 VVVV  (Yearling score)                                                                           




       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com