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New litter born October 19th, 2011

Available for adoption Dec 14th, 2011

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Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com


The Great Pyrenees are arguably the best livestock guardian dog ever bred.  They possess breathtaking beauty, a marvelous disposition and a calm stately bearing. They possess a unique blend of gentle care-taking with fierce protective instincts where their charges are concerned.  We have gone to the barn to check on a pregnant goat only to find that she has kidded and the kid has been licked dry by its Pyrennean mid-wife.

Great Pyrenees exhibit an uncanny intelligence, and in fact, were bred to work independently of their masters in the course of their work day.  They are wonderful family dogs who will romp with the children, but at a moment’s notice go on the alert when they hear a noise that is out of place and then sound the alarm.

The Copper Penny Ranch is very blessed to be working with Quibbletown and Karolaska bloodlines.   “ Foremost among the show and breeding kennels in America in the past four decades is Quibbletown....”   

Both Quibbletown and Karolaska kennels have contributed mightily to the strength, elegance, soundness and beauty of the Great Pyrenees in North America, –foundation stock to be sure.

We are dedicated to dual-purpose dogs of type, elegance, balance, soundness, and good health.