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Copper Penny Tipperary

All we can say about Tipperary is Wow!  She is practically the identical twin to her dam, Aura, especially as she continues to mature.  Another judge quote really says it well “There is nothing but blue sky ahead of this doe”.  She is long, strong, and wide, with excellent feet, legs, and shoulders.  She too has a naturally regal bearing, holding her head high, but retaining her lovely femininity and elegant walk.  Like her dam, she is also very productive, producing triplets for us this year and they are very promising.  She and her dam, Aura, make a near unbeatable team as Dam & Daughter.
2X GCH, 1X RGCH, 1X Best Doe in Show, 2X 1st place Dam & Daughter

DOB:  1/6/2010                                       South African Fullblood  

Sire:  Hill Country Dublin                                                            

SS:    HCF “Renoirs” Dreamer                                                       

SD:    Hill Country Bally Shannon

Dam:  Hill Country Aura  #179                                                      

DS:     Truehart Mats Image                                                        

DD:     Hill Country Aura #199



Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Dan@copper-penny-ranch.com