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Ennobled Hill Country Connemara

Connemara        Born: 2/27/04                                    South African Fullblood

A breeder’s dream come true, Connemara can do it all!  Very balanced, on great feet and legs, she also has an incredibly long loin and excellent top line. She not only wins in the show ring but also produces winning progeny.  Bred to 3 different bucks she has produced 3 different Champions (Ennobled Limerick, Ennobled Copper Penny Mr. Incredible, & Copper Penny Mr. Right), two of which were Reserve National Champions in 2007 (Limerick and Mr. Right).  Her Granddaughter, Little Sure Shot, was National Champion Jr. Fullblood Doe.  Her granddaughters,  Copper Penny Killarney and Copper Penny Enchanted have also achieved their Ennoblements.  Add to that her well-attached productive udder (she easily nurses triplets), excellent mothering ability and gentle disposition and you have an outstanding foundation doe.  Connemara kidded with another beautiful set of triplets in 2012 at the “young” age of 8 years old.

3X GCH, 3X RGCH,  Multiple 1st place Dam & Daughter, Multiple 1st place Produce of Dam, Multiple 1st place 3 Generations  

Sire:  Gatwood Farms HCF Mandingo (SA: South African)                                          SS:    Bodacious Hoot  (South African)                                                                  SD:   Stone’s Carmen 36E  (South African)

Dam:  Hill Country Kiraka  (South African)                                                          DS:    Hill Country Tango #123   (South African)                                                DD:   Hill Country SA Cara #194  (South African)

Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com