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Ennobled Hill Country Aura #179

Well, they say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place – they would be wrong!  You would think that we couldn’t one up ourselves after Connemara, but with Aura we sure did….As one judge put it “She’s ALL that!”   Aura is the longest and widest doe in the herd (which is saying a lot), but with such incredible balance that you don’t realize how big she is until you get your hands on her.  Well-muscled, great feet and legs, excellent shoulders and a lovely high-headed look.  She is a dream to watch move – smooth and graceful.  But wait…there’s more!  She is a very productive doe, repeatedly providing us with triplets.  She is an excellent mother, easy kidder and has plentiful milk for her kids.  And she still manages to dominate in the showring.  To top that all off, she is another amazing foundation doe, with gorgeous kids that greatly resemble her.  Among them are multiple champions, Copper Penny Tipperary, Copper Penny Guinness Stout, Copper Penny Sweet Avalon and Copper Penny Fightin’ Irish.

5X Grand Champion, 3X Champion Challenge Winner, 2X Best Doe in Show,  2X 1st place Dam & Daughter

DOB:  2/26/2005                                         South African Fullblood

Sire:  Truehart Mats Image                                                            

SS:     TH R3093                                                                          

SD:    TH Buffy

Dam:  Hill Country Aura #199                                                     

DS:     Hill Country Tango 123                                                     

DD:    Hill  Country SA Cara  #194

Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Dan@copper-penny-ranch.com