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Two-Ceders Nuggets Victor

DOB  February 16, 2005                                                                             Purebred

Victor is the son of SGCH Two-Ceders Gold Nugget (92 EEEE), 4th place 4 year old at 2005 Nationals and High Milk and Butterfat Production leader at 2005 Nationals as well. Victor was 1st place Senior Get-of-Sire at the 2008 Spokane Interstate Fair with daughters Scoring E in back and rump with beautiful udders and excellent milk production. His daughters are very consistent in style, length, and overall structural correctness.

Regretfully, we lost Victor this summer.  Thankfully we have several beautiful daughters and sons.  Victor has been collected and his semen is available through Frozen Assets.

Sire:  *B CH The Nida’s Skeeter
SS:     +*B GCH 13 Hycountry Casey
SD:     GCH The Nida’s Lisa  1*M

Dam:  SGCH Two-Ceders Gold Nugget  92EEEE  (Milk Record 4640 lbs. 257 day lactation)
DS:    +*B GCH 13 Hycountry Casey
DD:   13 Precious Gold


Get of Sire

Victor’s daughters (L to R:  Bella, Anika, Sapphire)


Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Camille@copper-penny-ranch.com