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*B Tempo Passa Erendil

Des Ruhigestelle Elendili 8*M 92 EEEE


We have always loved Elendili, so when we were given the opportunity to purchase this strong, balanced buck kid, we didn’t hesitate.  While long admiring Elendili’s strength, balance and strong production records (Top Ten w/ 151#/butterfat) we especially love her for her phenomenal track record as a brood doe (we just love a strong dam line!).  She has produced the following does:  SGCH DR Elende (4X 92 EEEE), SGCH DR Elendrea 93 EEEE (and 2X Top Ten), GCH DR  Elendiva (LA 91 VVEE) and DR Elendene LA 90 VVEE.  She is the grand dam to  SGCH DR Wincatcher (National CH and LA 93 EEEE), SGCH Elenwe (LA 91 VEEE and Top Ten), SGCH DR Elenya LA 93 EEEE and GCH DR Elixer LA 92 EEEE.  

Erendil’s sire is *B Vineyard View Tiber and he goes back into some older lines with +*B White Wave Prime Katuso (by ++*B Heavenly-“Poor” Frm Prime Rate), and 1992 National Champion GCH White Wave Some Plum.   Then on Tiber’s dam line is the more modern and very beautiful GCH Sartyr Clinton Tobey LA 92 EEEE (full sister to 2010 National Champion Tivoli (LA 93 EEEE) and maternal sister to 2012 National Champion Trevi (LA 93 EEEE).   A combination to be reckoned with!

DOB:  February 15, 2014                                                                    American

Sire:    *B Vineyard View Tiber                                                                     

SS:     +*B White Wave Prime Katsuo:  Sire of 2002 Reserve Nat’l CH, SGCH Companeros Katsuo Jordan, who was the dam of 2010 Reserve Nat’l CH, SGCH Companeros Clinton Jewel (LA 92 EEEE)                                                              

SD:    GCH Sartyr Clinton Tobey 7*M (LA 92 EEEE), full sister to Tivoli, maternal sister to Trevi (2010 National CH and 2012 National CH)

Dam:  SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elendili 8*M  (LA 92 EEEE)  2007 TOP TEN with 4005#/milk and 151#/butterfat.   1st place Dam and Daughter 2008 and 2009 Nationals and Total Performer Award and High 305 day Milk & Fat Awards 2009. 

DS:     +*B Companeros Jude                                                                                   

DD:     SGCH des Ruhigestelle Elentara 7*M (pictured on Ein’s page)  LA 91 EEEE 2005 TOP TEN with 3719 #/milk and 156 #/butterfat (4.2%).  1st place 4 year old, 2003 ADGA Nationals, 1st place/1st udder 5-6 year old, 2005 ADGA Nationals.



GCH Sartyr Clinton Tobey 7*M LA 92 EEEE

Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  blaiseo@aol.com