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Old English The Cisco Kid

                  Dam: Old-English Yapeka 89 VEEV

The Cisco Kid is a long, strong and very wide buck.  He is very balanced with nice tight shoulders, excellent feet and legs,  and a strong rear leg set, which he has happily bequeathed to his kids.     His dam, Old English Yapeka  LA  89 VEEV,  is a  “correct and extremely level doe with a superbly attached mammary system.”  Yapeka was 5th place yearling milker at 2009 Nationals.   Cisco Kid can also boast that his grandsire is Old English Jack’s Son, who was the 2007 Nationals Premier Sire,  with his daughter,  Old English Tatania going first place 3 year old AND Best Saanen Udder.  His daughters’ appraisal scores are an impressive range of LA 89 – LA 93.    Yapeka is the full sister to Old-English Xstacy who was Top Ten in three categories:  #2 for Protein, #5 for Milk production, and #10 for butterfat.  We were hoping that these marvelous production genetics would pass to The Cisco Kid’s daughters – and they have!  Showing increases in milk, butterfat and protein while providing excellent structure for his daughters (especially that strong rear leg set ) – we couldn’t be more pleased.

DOB:  4/13/2009                                                      American

Sire:    *B Old-English Lumber Jack
            SS:  SGCH ++*B  Old-English Jack’s Son LA 91 EEE
            SD:  GCH Old-English Irish Lilly  LA 90 EEEE

Dam:   Old-English Yapeka LA 89 VEEE
            DS:  SGCH ++*B Old-English Jacks Son LA 91 EEE
            DD:   SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M


Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com